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Another Weekly Update...

Okay, this isn’t going to be much at all, I have to work during the day today and I’m running late. I don’t blog about work, but my new job is a second shift job, but I have to train at a different building today and I have to be there at 11:30 AM. And I’m kind of bleary-eyed. Any of you that have followed my blogs know I’m not a morning person, so I’m just going to post a Cardboard Box Man Mutation that DJ Gidget sent in via her friend, Katie Lane who sent this sighting to Gidget from the Natural History Museum In Washington, DC. Thanks to Gidget and to Katie, without them I’d have nothing this week.


Oh and speaking of nothing, the new blog will be delayed one week due to technical difficulties (I have to work the dreaded day shift the week of December 3rd), so the new debut of the blog will be December 10th. Mark your Lindsay’s and calendars, have a wonderful week and thank you for the Aintree Iron!

And don’t forget to check out DJ Gidget’s and in-house artist, “Boris’s” radio show, the “Secret Weapon” on Woody Radio. “Boris” picks the tunes and Gidget spins them, check it out today, exclusively on Woody Radio. Okay, I gotta go, I’ll comment back later on tonight. Have a great week!

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Weekly Update

Okay, time for my little update here. I know these posts haven’t been too exciting, but I’ve been so busy getting settled into Peoria I just don’t have much time for this right now. I really appreciate those of you who have been stopping by and commenting, it means a lot to me and I promise my new blog will be lot more fun. Speaking of my new blog, I’m going to start it on Monday December 3rd, so mark that on your calendar, if you have one. If you don’t have a calendar, then write it on your forehead and send me a photo and that’ll be next weeks post. I finished one week of work, and while I never blog about work, I will say it went very well and I’m working with some really nice and cool people. It’s a totally different kind of job than I had in New York and I really like it. It’s nice having a job that you don’t dread going in to. I’ve started fixing up my place and when I start my new blog I’ll give you a full tour, but here’s a few teaser shots of my new place for now.

It's in the fridge, Daddy-O. Are you hip to the jive?

Here's my entertainment center, Patty Smyth is now playing. Note the Sham Wow dolls below, created by my friend, Ash. They're very happy to be in Peoria.

This is my desk and writing area. I'm currently writing a story about leaving New York that will be up on the first post of my new blog that's going to debut December 3rd.

And here's my new favorite thing in the world, the ice machine in my building.

I don't know why this thing makes me happier than anything, but it does and that's a good thing.

Okay, I have to do some things and then get ready for work, so I’ll see you here next week. Have fun!

Further Reading: Wikipedia, ebay and Wikipedia.

Goodbye to you.

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Bonus Photo From Gidget!

The world’s coolest DJ, Gidget, sent me this photo that really cracked me up. No one else except “Boris” will get the joke and that’s part of what I love about it! And speaking of Gidget and “Boris”, don’t forget to check out their wonderful radio show on Woody Radio, the “Secret Weapon”. “Boris” picks the tunes and Gidget spins them, it’s the best radio show in the world, tune in and turn on!