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Another Weekly Update...

Okay, this isn’t going to be much at all, I have to work during the day today and I’m running late. I don’t blog about work, but my new job is a second shift job, but I have to train at a different building today and I have to be there at 11:30 AM. And I’m kind of bleary-eyed. Any of you that have followed my blogs know I’m not a morning person, so I’m just going to post a Cardboard Box Man Mutation that DJ Gidget sent in via her friend, Katie Lane who sent this sighting to Gidget from the Natural History Museum In Washington, DC. Thanks to Gidget and to Katie, without them I’d have nothing this week.


Oh and speaking of nothing, the new blog will be delayed one week due to technical difficulties (I have to work the dreaded day shift the week of December 3rd), so the new debut of the blog will be December 10th. Mark your Lindsay’s and calendars, have a wonderful week and thank you for the Aintree Iron!

And don’t forget to check out DJ Gidget’s and in-house artist, “Boris’s” radio show, the “Secret Weapon” on Woody Radio. “Boris” picks the tunes and Gidget spins them, check it out today, exclusively on Woody Radio. Okay, I gotta go, I’ll comment back later on tonight. Have a great week!

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Hello Peoria!

I know I said the last post would be the final post on this blog, but I thought I'd put up an update here for the hell of it. I don't know how many people will see it, because the numbers are down because everyone thinks I've put this blog to rest, but what the hell, here's an update. I've only been in Peoria a week and already I've got an apartment, a car and a job. I'll post more about the car and a little about the blog on my new blog when that's up and running (probably sometime between mid November and the first week of December), but here's a few shots of my apartment. My stuff just got here yesterday and I'm starting to unpack and try to put this place together. It's a really nice little studio apartment on the north side of Peoria, here's a few shots of it. I may have another update or two before I start the new blog, so stay tuned and have a great weekend!

This is the back area of my new pad, my bed is behind the futon which has been imported from my New York apartment.

Here's the front area of the place, there's boxes and shit everywhere, I'm hoping to have it all put together in a week or two.

Many stacks of books and I still have about ten boxes to unpack.

More leaning towers of books. I think I'm going to have to invest in a couple of cheap-ass bookcases to put all these in.

Here's the kitchen area and yes, Virginia, there is an actual stove! I'm anxious to start cooking some creations on that. And of course I need to fill the refrigerator up with regular (Budweiser.)

This is the bathroom area and more boxes of books to unload. Although I do have to admit, it's easier unpacking than packing.

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot!

Huh, what's that in the shower?


Further Reading: Wikipedia, Peoria Journal Star and Peoria River Front.

Gimme, gimme shelter,
Or I'm gonna fade away.

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Cleaning My Apartment

Okay, today there’s no time for a trip out anywhere as I have to clean my apartment and it’ll take all day and all of the night to quote Ray Davies. My parents are coming to town tomorrow and my apartment is kind of a wreck. I’ve been so busy with this blog, I haven’t had time to clean it since I started it back in February and it wasn’t in great shape back then! So today’s post will be some before shots and then a trip around my apartment after it’s all cleaned up. Hazel!

Okay, here's the "before" photos. My coffee table area is a real mess. Shit's piled up on it and the ash tray's need cleaning. There's also dustballs underneath and the table needs cleaning. And there's that stupid Beatles Anthology that didn't sell.

Here's a troubled area over in the corner next to my futon. Stacks of crap are everywhere and I need to throw some of this stuff out.

My writing area under my loft bed is a mess and its very dusty.

I don't think I've straightened up this cabinet area in my kitchen in years and it's definitely out of hand.

This part of the kitchen is especially disturbing. There's a buildup of magazines, newspapers and junk that I've ignored for years. Time to clean this shit up.

The appliances in here all need a good going over with some cleanser.

Lots of stuff need to be broke down and put together to take out to the recycling bin.

There's dust on the bookcase.

Dirt on the walls.

The bathroom's not too bad, but it could use a little work and those Amy Winehouse pictures definitely need straightening!

Okay, all my cleaning supplies are in place, time to get to work!

Okay, it's a few hours later and I've cleaned the front room. I'm just starting to tackle the problem area in the kitchen and it's a real mess. That phone book is from 2005 to let you know how long I've let this go.

It's crazy, the more I clean, the more stuff seems to be spilling out here. I've been working over five hours now. Time to get something to eat.

This is what I eat when I don't go somewhere for the blog, a big salad from the corner deli. It's a giant salad of mixed greens, carrots, broccoli, snow peas, pasta and chicken cutlet. This is all I eat on my days I don't eat for the blog to balance things out. Can't be eating cheeseburgers every night. Okay, back to work and then it'll be time for the "after" photos.

Alright, I started this at one in the afternoon and it's now 10:30 PM and I'm all done. Quite a day of work, but its paid off. Check out the front room. Everything's dusted, cleaned and back in order and Gumby is resting comfortably on the futon.

Everything's back in place on my coffee table, one of my favorite things in my apartment. It houses my books, magazines and the little tchotchkes and knick-knacks I've collected through the years.

The problematic corner by my futon is all back to normal and I threw a lot of crap out.

My entertainment center is all dusted, polished and straightened up.

And I polished the bookcase with Murphy Oil Soap and you can see the books shining in the wood.

I cleaned my refrigerator which I've ignored for about a year.

There was about an inch of dust on the top of it and now it's all spic and span. Gumby and crew are happy with the new clean environment.

I got all the dirt off of this wall.

And the kitchen area is spotless. This was the hardest part to clean up. I had let it go for a long time and it was a real wreck.

I cleared and straightened up the top cabinets which were a mess and overflowing with junk. I also hung up the Sloppy Joe's Towel from Key West that Al sent me for Christmas.

The microwave and cooking area is all cleaned up and shining like a new dime.

And I cleared out the problematic area that had piles of magazines, newspapers and junk from years of throwing stuff there and ignoring it. It's so nice to have finally cleared this up.

By the time I got to my writing area I was beat, but still managed to dust it and straighten things up a bit. The bathroom was the last place I needed to clean. As I said earlier, it wasn't too bad, but I managed to straighten Amy's photos and clean it a little bit more. Let's go take a look.


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Lately I get the funniest feeling,
And the whole thing starts again.

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Bonus Photos From Danny The Freelancer!

Danny noticed that the CBBM mutation from yesterday resembled Ben Quadinaros, the Podracer from Star Wars and sent in this "Separated at Birth" photo comparing the two. They do look alike, but as I had to tell Danny, I had never heard of Ben Quadinaros, as I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies. A fact that amazes a lot of people!

And yesterday's post about the Empire State Building inspired Danny to write in about this King Kong statue he owns. Here's what Danny says about this prized possession: "I bought this  King Kong Statue from a junkie on the L.E.S. in the 80's. It's from the 1976 Dino De Laurentis movie. De Laurentiis had over 100 of these scowling foot and a half statues custom made for cast, crew, movie writers and critics."

"Its on a black wooden base with a brass plaque that reads: “Dino De Laurentiis Presents KING KONG.” Very cool, thanks for sending these in, Danny!


Bonus Comment Photo From Jaws!

Jaws the Cabbie sent in this photo to illustrate his comment above. Here's what he said in his email: "Here's what I'm gonna need for the things growing behind my toilet." Yikes! Note to self: Never use the bathroom at Jaws' place!