First off, no, this blog is not about tripping on acid (unless you have some and would like to share.) It's a blog where I go off on a daily trip somewhere in New York City and blog my adventures the next day, usually around noon. Saturday's I'll be posting a blooper reel of photos that didn't make it into that week's post and going out for a cheeseburger that evening. Sunday I'll post the photos and story from the Cheeseburger Saturday Night. So bookmark the blog and check back often, It's (almost) live, from New York City!

•UPDATE: While I'm looking for a full time job (my last one moved out of state), I'll just be doing a weekly post which will appear on Monday usually around noon. As soon as I'm back working full time, I'll be able to afford to spend the time and money it takes to do a daily post.•