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Not The Blooper Reel

Ususally I don’t go out on Friday, but yesterday I went to midtown to meet my parents again and before that I met a reader of TWM at a bar near my parents hotel. His name is Bill and he’s visiting from Georgia and wanted to meet for a beer or three, so who was I to refuse this offer. It’s always fun to meet readers of the blog when they come to town. So this is a little different than the usual random Blooper Reel that I usually do on Saturdays. Enjoy and have a great weekend, everyone!

Look at the line for the Mega Millions! Luckily I've already got my ticket and I hope it's the winning one. If so, we'll really start tripping here!

Okay, I chose this place to meet Bill at because it's just a few blocks from my parents hotel.

And happy hour has begun! Let's check it out.

It's nice in here, not your typical cookie cutter midtown Irish bar. This place is the real deal.

Large booths line the wall opposite from the bar.

Maureen, the pretty bartender served me up a beer. Love her smile!

Here's a shot from the other end of the bar.

And here's Bill, who's in town from Georgia. Bill's been reading my blogs since the 365 Bars blog and he's what I call a "silent reader." He's never commented, but reads the blogs religiously which I appreciate. We had a few beers and a nice chat about New York, bars, blogs and before you knew it, I had to get to parents hotel. Great to meet you Bill, and let's have more beers the next time you're in the city!

And here I'm making my way back to my parents hotel.

And here's the old finger on the spy hole trick. It never gets old!

And through the magic of the internet you're transported to our dinner destination, Shun Lee. Our favorite Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side.

Cheers from the Wombachers!

The highlight of going to Shun Lee for me is always seeing the "Chicken With Three Different Nuts" on the menu! Have a great weekend everyone!

Shun Lee
43 W. 65th St. (Near Columbus Ave.)

Further Reading: New York Magazine, Eater NY and NY Daily News.

And now that Superman’s made a movie,
No one reads his magazine.

Surprise link, click on it...I dare you!

Bonus Birthday Wishes for “Boris!”
I found out via Gidget’s blog that TWM in-house artist, “Boris” had a birthday this week. “Boris” has been a great friend to me through the years and has done banners and design work on all my blogs and has really helped me out a lot. So take this time to wish my friend and brother, “Boris” a happy birthday! And “Boris” is also the man behind the music on DJ Gidget’s “Secret Weapon” show, he picks the tunes and DJ Gidget spins the discs, check it out at Woody Radio where there’s a lot of other great shows as well, including DJ Lokie! “Boris” has also taken up photography with a vengeance this year and has taken some fantatstic photos, check out some of his work here. Happy birthday, Daddio!