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Tripping With Marty Is Made Possible By These Generous Sponsors!
I thank them all very much and this blog is alive due to their contributions. Please, check out their links if they have one below their name. If you're just getting here and didn't see the original post about a once a month, five dollar sponsorship at TWM, check it out here.

Spike and Stiggly
Stiggly Holistics

Daniel Chambers

Mykola Mick Dementiuk
Masturbating At The Movies
Mykola Dementiuk

Lindsay Wengler
Single Linds Reflex Photoblography

Seti Institute

Wendy Van Hove
Roadside Wonders

Shawn Chittle
Shawn Chittle

Michael Trent

Karla Zimmerman
My Kind of Town (& Around)

Bruce Davis

David DiRoma

Anonymous Donation

James Mollo

Tim Hennessey
Emack & Bolio’s

The Duncester

Fat Al
The Half Empty Glass

Laura Goggin Photography
Gog In NYC

Anonymous Donation

Artwork by Jon Hammer
Artwork by Jon Hammer
Grade “A” Fancy

Robert Rudolph

Terry Hudson

Gene Rubbico

Emerito Acosta

Jason Andersen
Jason Andersen Art

Big Green Head

Anonymous Donation

Gidget Bates
Gidget Bates Crap She Spews
Woody Radio

Shawn Langrick

Tom Wombacher
Lexus of Peoria

“The Secret Weapon”


One More Folded Sunset

Professor Dungpie
Professor Dungpie On Twitter

Jaws the Cabbie
Two Fisted Cab Driving Tales
Jaws At Printfection

Ruben Sleurink


Lady Gaga?

Dave Welch


Jamie Lynn's Kitchen

Mark Smimmo
Bohmemain Beer Gardens

In honor of Morley, Mary Ann and Lex herself, three people I feel proud to have met on my bar crawl!

Bill S.
Red Hare Brewing Company

Al Rizo

Laura Goggin Photography (2nd donation)
Gog In NYC

Dave W (2nd donation)

Gene Rubbico (2nd donation)

The Duncester (2nd donation)

Art (2nd Donation)

Mykola Mick Dementiuk (2nd donation)
Masturbating At The Movies
Mykola Dementiuk

David DiRoma (2nd donation)

Tiki Bar Susie

James Mollo (2nd Donation)

Kathy Lewis

Ragin' RR

Michael Pyrich

Tiki Bar Susie (2nd Donation)

Ragin' RR (2nd Donation)