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And We're Off...

My flight takes off at 10:00AM, and of course I'm paranoid about getting to the airport, so here's a shot of me travelling in the car service at 6:30AM. Morning has broken, all over my head. Ugh. More to come.


We Now Interrupt This Broadcast...

To Announce A (Temporary) Change In Service.
When I started this blog back in February, I had just become unemployed and had hopes of doing this full time, either through someone backing it and helping me sell advertising or through donations, or maybe a mixture of both. I gave myself a deadline of May 1st to make a decision about it and today is that day. And the decision is that I don’t foresee me ever stopping this blog. I love doing it and have had such positive feedback, it’s really been great. A lot of people tune in every day and I truly appreciate the number of people following and reading TWM.

But...yes, there’s always a but...I really need to start looking for a full time job again.
I appreciate those of you who have contributed, from the bottom of my heart, but it’s just not enough to keep chugging along at this pace. I sent query letters to a lot of editors out there about possible backing for the blog or folding it into their online blogs and got the usual wall of silence in return. So, what I’m going to do is shorten the number of posts a week.

From here on in, until I secure another full time job, I’ll be posting five days a week, Friday through Tuesday and taking off Wednesday and Thursday (with a “real” post on Saturdays, instead of the Blooper Reel). This will allow me a lot more free time to focus on getting a job. Once I get one, I’ll go back to a seven day post schedule. I might have something on the line and I’m hoping to hear about that in the next couple weeks, but till then I have to really start putting my big nose to the grindstone.

I hope I don’t lose too many of you doing this, I’ve really appreciated the number of people who come here daily and I thank you all for reading. And I really want to thank those of you who leave comments here, sometimes the comments section starts a life of its own and I appreciate the commenters for being so loyal!

Okay, I’m off to look at the want ads, post my resume online and bug people on LinkedIn! I’ll see you this Friday for the weekly happy hour and update you on my looking for work status! As always, thanks for reading and stopping by TWM!

Further Reading: indeed, Monster and Career Builder.

I’m out of work,
I need a job,
I’m out of work.

Surprise link, click on it...I dare you!

Bonus Kickstarter Link!

My friend Joe Freedman invents and designs fun and interesting toys and he just started a Kickstarter campaign to help him produce a cool wooden toy called, “Two Foto Animator.” It’s a moveable wooden toy that allows you to turn two photos into animation. Watch the video below and then please check out Joe’s Kickstarter page and donate if you can. There’s cool prizes for donations, go check them out!


Blooper Reel

Saturday is here which can mean only one thing, we’ve lived to see another weekend! And, of course, it also means it’s time to roll out the Blooper Reel of photos that I took throughout the week and didn’t make it into a post. And so, here we go, have a great Saturday everyone and tune into Cheeseburger Saturday Night tomorrow!

You say, "Ugg," I say, ugh!

333, the mark of Satan Junior!

How many times do I have to tell you, I don't have a plow!

Without the use of an opposable thumb, dogs are going to find it hard to operate this treat machine. Plus, where are they going to get a quarter? I think this is animal cruelty!

The ironic thing about this photo is that a woman was holding a screaming child as I took it. It was all I could do to refrain from a citizen's arrest!

A toilet shot from Milano's where we spent Easter Sunday. I was amazed at how clean it was and I liked the Cheap Trick tiling in the bathroom.

I took a few Polaroid shots this week and here they are. And yes, I realized I left the "a" off pizza after I scanned it in.

Somewhere there's a "lick her and whine" joke in this shot, but I couldn't come up with one.

And a shot of the Papaya Dog near Bleecker.

Beatles Medley with Lyrics by Frank Zappa.

Surprise link, click on it, I dare you!

Bonus Cash Mob at St. Mark’s Bookshop Information!

Jeremiah Moss announced a cash mob this Sunday to help out St. Mark’s Bookshop, which once again is having money difficulties. You can read Jeremiah’s post here. The cash mob is scheduled to take place at 1PM on Sunday (tomorrow) and then drinks afterward at Bar 82. If you can make it that would be great, hope to see people there tomorrow!

Bonus Photo from One More Folded Sunset!

Onemorefoldedset sent in this photo she took in Chinatown. Beer times three, love it! Cheers and thanks for sending that in onemorefoldedsunset!