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Astoria, Queens Bar Crawl

One of the cool things about doing this blog is meeting people I wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t doing this. A good example of this is my friend, Ray. Ray first appeared on this blog via a comment when he saw me walking in midtown to my parents hotel. You can read it here, it’s the 20th comment on the page. Later we all met Ray at a Happy Hour at Bar Nine. Well, today Ray has invited us all on a bar crawl where he lives in Astoria, Queens. This won’t be the first time we’ve tripped out to Queens, we’ve gone to the Bohemian Beer Gardens with Gene from the BBC and Gene did a guest post from Astoria that same week, but it is the first time that someone who lives in Queens is hosting the bar crawl. So it’s off to Queens we go!

Here's a familiar sight on TWM, the subway station at Union Square. We'll be taking the N train to Broadway in Astoria.

And through the magic of the internet, baboom, here we are on Broadway in Astoria, Queens.

Okay, we're going to meet Ray at McLoughlin's a bar that's located right around the corner from this subway stop.

"School Supplies and Cigars," who could ask for anything more?

Check out the Marty flyer!

And here we are, McLoughlin's, the first stop of our bar crawl today.

It looks nice in here and I think I see a familiar face...

It's our host, Ray, who's a little camera shy. I didn't push the issue, I didn't want our host going all Alec Baldwin on my ass.

Jimmy the bartender hoists an ice-cold Budweiser my way. Jimmy told me McLoughlin's has been a family owned bar in Astoria since 1965.

Wooden tables line the wall opposite the bar.

There's a pool table in the back room.

A long shot of the bar that's been in use since 1965.

And check out the poster on the bar, Marty G. & The "G" Men are playing here at McLoughlin's! Also note the unplanned obligatory bar mirror shot. It's Marty mania!

Okay, out the door and onto the next spot.

Astoria is a great neighborhood, I just wish it wasn't so bright outside.

Ray's next stop is a bar that Gene from the BBC likes, the Sunswick bar. Gene sent in a picture from his Astoria bar crawl and now we get to see the inside of it.

It's really crowded in here for this early in the afternoon, but I spy a couple seats at the end of the bar, so Ray and I snagged them.

Here's the view from our perch at the bar.

As you can see, it's pretty much a full house in here, this is a popular spot.

There's a comfortable couch to pass out relax on in the front of the bar.

As you can see, they have a lot of beers on tap. I had a Pilsner Urquell.

And before you know it, it's time to head out and keep this show on the road.

On the road again!

Surprise, our next stop on Ray's tour is a bar, but not just any bar...

It's Veronica's Bar, another one of Gene and the BBC's favorite Queens stops. Let's go in and check it out.

Wow, it's crowded in here too, they go out early in Queens!

There's no seats at the bar, so Ray and I grabbed a couple of chairs here, directly across from the bar.

Bartender Bridget brought our beers over to us. She's really nice and what a beautiful smile!

Shortly after Bridget delivered our beers a couple seats opened up at the bar and here's the view from where we were seated.

I'm not quite sure what this means, but it does give me an excuse to to do this: Fire!

Bridget's behind the bar, taking care of business.

And once again, we're out the door on to our final destination.

Ray told me this was going to be a hike and it sure was. Finally the sun has set on Queens as we approach our final destination of this bar crawl in Astoria.

Ray chose this place, The Sparrow for drinks and some dinner. This place has become famous in Queens since that goofy-ass Guy Fieri featured it on his show, Diners, Dives and a Dipshit on the Food Network.

Nice and dark in here and there's a couple seats at the bar.

Tommy the bartender does double duty by serving up a beer and flashing the TWM card all at the same time.

The tables are all filled in here, looks like that Food Network spot paid off!

iPhone Zombie alert, part one!

iPhone Zombie alert, parts two and three! I wish people would put those fucking things away.

When I return to the bar, dinner awaits me. I got the grilled cheese, which is made with truffle oil and has mushrooms in it and it comes with a side salad. One of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had.

I also got an order of Tater Tots.

Ray got the pork tacos and I have to say, that lone Tater Tot on his plate is making me a little sad.

After a beer for dessert, it was time to call it a night.

As you can see, it's finally nighttime in Queens.

We've come full circle, back to the subway station.

A shot of Queens from the elevated subway platform.

And here's the train that'll take me back to Manhattan.

And of course I have to take an obligatory shot of Gumby and me in the subway window. Thanks to Ray for a wonderful tour. We'll do it again soon and maybe then he'll let me take his photo!

3106 Broadway
Astoria, Queens

Sunswick 35/35
3502 35th St
Astoria, Queens

Veronica’s Bar
34-04 36th Ave
Astoria, Queens

The Sparrow Tavern
24-01 29th St
Astoria, Queens

Further Reading: Wikipedia, New York Magazine and New York Times.

Queens of noise,
Not just one of your toys.

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Bonus Linkage!
My friends Karen and Jon have put out a fabulous new edition over at their online magazine, Grade “A” Fancy. The subject matter is “Zombie Restaurants” and you can check it out by clicking right here: “I Eat Your Restaurant’s Brain!” Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!


And More Bonus Linkage!

DJ Gidget, the most fabulous DJ in the world had a super-cool new photoblog and you can check it out here: Gidget Bates's Crap She Shoots. And don't forget to listen to her and "Boris's" "Secret Weapon" show exclusively on Woody Radio. Okay, as you were.


Bohemian Beer Garden

One of the highlights of my 365 day bar crawl was going out to Bohemian Beer Gardens in Queens. It was a great day and it’s something Gene and I have always talked about going to. Gene’s never been and it is a bit of an investment in time, heading out to Queens, but we’ve decided today is the day.

Gene came by my apartment and in a tradition started at MAD, he brought two Sols for me to put in my refrigerator for the next time Britta and Tom come by.

And through the magic of the internet, we've magically arrived in a land known as Queens. We stopped in one bar on the way to the Bohemian Beer Garden, but the bartender didn't want us taking photos of it, so you don't get to see the first mystery bar. Hopefully we'll have better picture-taking luck at Bohemian Beer Garden.

And here we are!

And the garden is open, let's go inside.

We thought we'd have a beer at the bar that leads out to the garden. And once again we strike out with a bartender photo and this guy was kind of rude about it. We may not have a bartender photo at all for you today, but I'll keep trying.

Here's Gene at the bar with a big mug of German beer, partially blocked out by the sunlight. Damn you sunshine!

There's a nice display of lit up bottles behind the bar.

There's tables opposite the bar to sit at.

Here's a menu of some of the draft beers available.

And here's the actual draft beers themselves.

After a beer we decided to venture out to the garden area. This is the biggest beer garden in all of New York City.

In the summer time it's packed out here, but since it's still off season, there's plenty of places to sit and it's about half full. Or half empty if you're a pessimist.

I had a late lunch and wasn't hungry, but Gene wanted something to eat, so we wandered over to the barbecue grills.

Gene got a hot dog, topped with sauerkraut and mustard.

And we got a beer at the outside bar and once again got shut down by the bartender regarding a photo. Although judging by his English skills, I think it's because he didn't have a green card, so I took mercy on him and put the camera away.

Hey, what's that on the table?

It's an ash tray! It turns out there's a smoking area in the park! Hopefully Mayor Bloomberg and his goon squad will leave this alone!

On the way out I took this photo of a cigar and two mugs of German beer, a sight for sore eyes.

Before getting on the subway, Gene and I decided to see if we could finally get that elusive bartender shot before heading back to Manhattan. So we decided to have a drink at the Brewhouse.

And here we are at the bar, the tension is mounting...

And he shoots and scores! Stacey, the pretty and friendly bartender on duty was more than happy to pose for a photo! Cheers!

Bohemian Gardens
29-19 24th Ave. (Near 29th Ave.)
Queens, NY

Further Reading: Queens Courier, Queens Crap and We <3 Astoria.

We are the Draught Beer Preservation Society,
God save Mrs. Mopp and good Old Mother Riley,
We are the Custard Pie Appreciation Consortium,
God save the George Cross and all those who were awarded them.

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Bonus Photos By Gene On His Never-Ending Bar Crawl!

I went home, but Gene had to make his quota of 1879 bars for the day, so he continued on. Here's a couple of shots of some drinks he had at Otto's. Lani was on duty and she said to say, "hi." Hi Lani!


A Bar Crawl In Queens With Gene From The BBC

Okay, usually I take Friday off and get ready for next week’s activities and put up a Blooper Reel today. The only problem was, I didn’t have that many Blooper photos to post. Then I remembered TWM friend, commenter and one third of the famed BBC (Baltimore Bar Crawlers), Gene Rubbico was coming to town this weekend. I couldn’t go out with him last night, but I asked him to take photos and send them in and that’s exactly what he did and here they are!

The train pulls into the city.

Sorry about this Al...

But you just can't go through Penn Station without getting a giant beer and a Papaya dog! A perfect start to a bar crawling day!

Walter's Bar used to be here and now it's vacant. What a shame!

Happily, Billymarks West is still in business, time to really start this bar crawl.

Three amigos in Billymarks: Mark, Mike and Skippy.

Here's the Flying Puck, which is just a block from Penn Station.

You gotta love the floor in here!

31st and Northern Blvd. In Queens.

Home sweet home for the next three nights.

And we're off to some bars in Queens! (Marty's note: In an email, Gene told me he was going to do all Queens from here on in and I replied, "That's what Freddie Mercury said and he wasn't talking about his band!")

The Mad Donkey Beer Bar and Grill.

Getting sliders for a snack. Just got a Yuengling draft that tasted like crap. Traded it in for a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. Much better!

Veronica's, a classic place with great signage!

And now we're at the Sunswick bar.

Watermelons and is that a CBBM cousin in the upper left?

As night falls, it's time for the Tippin Inn.

Here's Chris, who looks like he's tipped a few at the Tippin Inn!

They have the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen in a bar and two kinds of air fresheners!

Time for another snack, a mushroom slice and a garlic knot to soak up some of the suds!

Next stop, Cronin & Phelan.

And back to Tippin Inn for a nightcap or three.

Great bar crawl, Gene! Thanks for the photos and narrative! Check in tomorrow for Gene and I on a Cheeseburger Saturday Night adventure!

Further reading: 365 Bars, 365 Bars and 365 bars.

I'm trying to walk a straight line,
On sour mash and cheap wine.

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Bonus Gidget Photo!
DJ Gidget left a comment last week when I went to The House Of Oldies and mentioned a dress she wore for lipsyncing Nancy Sinatra songs called, “The Boots Dress.” I asked her to send in a picture of her wearing this dress and here it is. Looking great, Gidget! And don’t forget to tune in to the “Secret Weapon” the show where “Boris” picks the tunes and Gidget spins them. It’s on Woody Radio and you can listen right now, so do it! Thanks for sending in the photo, Gidget!