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A Bar Crawl In Queens With Gene From The BBC

Okay, usually I take Friday off and get ready for next week’s activities and put up a Blooper Reel today. The only problem was, I didn’t have that many Blooper photos to post. Then I remembered TWM friend, commenter and one third of the famed BBC (Baltimore Bar Crawlers), Gene Rubbico was coming to town this weekend. I couldn’t go out with him last night, but I asked him to take photos and send them in and that’s exactly what he did and here they are!

The train pulls into the city.

Sorry about this Al...

But you just can't go through Penn Station without getting a giant beer and a Papaya dog! A perfect start to a bar crawling day!

Walter's Bar used to be here and now it's vacant. What a shame!

Happily, Billymarks West is still in business, time to really start this bar crawl.

Three amigos in Billymarks: Mark, Mike and Skippy.

Here's the Flying Puck, which is just a block from Penn Station.

You gotta love the floor in here!

31st and Northern Blvd. In Queens.

Home sweet home for the next three nights.

And we're off to some bars in Queens! (Marty's note: In an email, Gene told me he was going to do all Queens from here on in and I replied, "That's what Freddie Mercury said and he wasn't talking about his band!")

The Mad Donkey Beer Bar and Grill.

Getting sliders for a snack. Just got a Yuengling draft that tasted like crap. Traded it in for a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. Much better!

Veronica's, a classic place with great signage!

And now we're at the Sunswick bar.

Watermelons and is that a CBBM cousin in the upper left?

As night falls, it's time for the Tippin Inn.

Here's Chris, who looks like he's tipped a few at the Tippin Inn!

They have the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen in a bar and two kinds of air fresheners!

Time for another snack, a mushroom slice and a garlic knot to soak up some of the suds!

Next stop, Cronin & Phelan.

And back to Tippin Inn for a nightcap or three.

Great bar crawl, Gene! Thanks for the photos and narrative! Check in tomorrow for Gene and I on a Cheeseburger Saturday Night adventure!

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I'm trying to walk a straight line,
On sour mash and cheap wine.

Surprise link, click on it...I dare you!

Bonus Gidget Photo!
DJ Gidget left a comment last week when I went to The House Of Oldies and mentioned a dress she wore for lipsyncing Nancy Sinatra songs called, “The Boots Dress.” I asked her to send in a picture of her wearing this dress and here it is. Looking great, Gidget! And don’t forget to tune in to the “Secret Weapon” the show where “Boris” picks the tunes and Gidget spins them. It’s on Woody Radio and you can listen right now, so do it! Thanks for sending in the photo, Gidget!