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Blooper Reel

I’ve decided to start posting pictures that didn’t make it into the posts through the week on Saturday to kind of wind the week down. I take between 40 to 100 photos every day I go out to make sure I get enough good ones for the post. There’s no way I can use all the photos, so I thought Saturday would be a good day to put a few of them up. Here’s some shots from this week that got left behind! (Thanks to csp for suggesting this!) Oh, and check back in the evening to catch a sneak peek at the cheeseburger starring in tomorrow’s Saturday Night Cheeseburger episode!

Hey look, someone reading a book in the subway, maybe there's hope for this world after all!

Then again, maybe not.

Abandon hope all ye who enter.

Okay, we're fucking doomed as doomed as doomed can be.

Wow, I just had a flashback to my old job...I wonder why?

Forget it, I never pay more than $5.99 for a Krazy Kid. These prices are...well...krazy!

Insert your own blue testicle joke here.

Wow, that is a cheap lunch price, but I don't think I could stomach all that cake for lunch!

You can't see it in this fuzzy subway picture, but a fly just flew into his mouth.

Lots of things going on in this window, but the rabbit sign made me think of a scene from "Roger & Me."

You make the call: Sign on a church or subliminal Viagra marketing?

Speaking of subliminal ads, here's one for the Monkees last film.

You’re not choo-choo train,
That was left out in the rain,
The day after Santa came.

Surprise link, click on it...I dare you!


Bonus CBBM Mutation Photo By Goggla!

Goggla found these two frightening Cardboard Box Men mutations on a shelf in a discount store in Astor Place. Now they're spreading to discount stores, could Wal-Mart be next? One can only hope!