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Blooper Reel

Okay, it’s Saturday and as we all know, time for this week’s Blooper Reel of photos I took during the week, but didn’t have time to post. And there’s a couple Polaroids thrown in at the end for good measure! Have a great Saturday and we’ll see you tomorrow for Saturday Night Cheeseburger!

I just told you in the paragraph above, I'm doing this week's Blooper Reel. Sheesh!


I wonder if Wicked Tuna is any relation to Hot Tuna?

Hey, hey...

Meatball in a cup? Must've been inspired by this Jerk.

Hopefully that bathroom is equipped with a bidet.

I should sue them, they've ripped off my old school gps prototype!

Sweet Bird of Paradox!

Last week we sampled a one dollar hot dog, so I thought we should try a two dollar dog and see if it's much better.

it sure looks a lot better, let's try it out.

Not up to a Gray's Papaya level dog, but not bad.

And here's a few Polaroids for your pleasure.

You’ll call for me but I’m gonna tell you bye, bye, bye,
When I turn around and walk away you’ll cry, cry, cry.

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Blooper Reel

Saturday is here and time to roll out the old Blooper Reel of photos I took through the week, but didin’t have room to post. Have a great Saturday and we’ll see you tomorrow for Cheeseburger Saturday Night, from Newark, New Jersey no less!

Looks like Matt Lauer is moonlighting these days. Must've had to take a pay cut at the Today Show. Times are tough all over!

Those are sure low prices for kids, but as tempting as it is, I think I'll pass. They always turn into teens and then you really pay the price.

Didn't they hear I stopped doing MAD?


Last week when I did my "Dueling Bathrooms" post, someone commented that subway bathrooms are the worst toilets in town. I commented back that I had never been in a subway bathroom, but later that day when I went to Economy Candy, I got off at Delancey Street and...

Baboom! I ran right into a men's room at the station, so I thought I'd check it out.

Not the cleanest in the world, but definitely a step up from the public library.

The toilets a little dirty and there's the mandatory stale urine floating in it, but still, not as bad as the library toilet.

However, if you need to sit down to do your business, you're in trouble. Stranded, branded, stranded on a toilet bowl...what do you do when you're stranded...and you can't find a roll?

When I went to the Impossible Project Space last week, there was a Photobooth and I can never resist a Photobooth, but I didn't have room to post it in that post.

So here it is now. I feel old because it used to be "Four for a Quarter" at these things and now it's "Four for Four Bucks."


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Bonus Links For Mykola Mick Dementiuk’s New Book

Author and TWM commenter Mykola Mick Dementiuk has a new book out and you can check it out and purchase it at the Barnes & Noble website here: Times Square Queer. And you can read more about it over at Mick’s blog: Masturbating at the Movies.


Bonus Photobooth Linkage!

If you're a Photobooth fan (and who isn't) go check out Gidget's photos at her blog via today's post: Flashback Friday.


Blooper Reel

The weekend is here and so it’s time for the weekly blooper roll of shots that didn’t make it into a post throughout the week. Enjoy and have a great Saturday! Sneeze you tomorrow for Cheeseburger Saturday Night!

Deja view!


You have to give them credit, this is an original idea for a comedy club.

Hmm...a guy eats 365 meatballs...naaahh.

Uh oh, looks like someone had a shoeless walk of shame last night!

Not only do they live, they've only just begun!

I love it when a photo captions itself.

Out of business, I guess their curry truly was the worst. Oof!

Graden in rear? Time to call a proctologist if you ask me.

Elvis Costello moment...with a Tom Snyder cameo.

For those of you keeping score, this place is still selling boxes. Amazing!

Hey, give me a break, I'm doing what I can here!

Histories of ages past,
Unenlightened shadows cast,
Down through all eternity,
The crying of humanity.

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Bonus Internet Gumby Found by csp!

While surfing on the internet, csp found these Gumby images and sent them in and here they are! Thanks, csp!


Bonus Jaws Illustration!

In response to the "Garden in the Rear" Blooper, Jaws the Cabbie sent in this illustration of a future patent-pending idea of his. Thanks, Jaws!