Cheeboigah, Cheeboigah!

Here's tonight's trio of mini cheeseburgers, they were really fucking good! Read all about it at Cheeseburger Saturday Night tomorrow, it'll be posted between 11 AM and the crack of noon. Have a great Saturday night, if you're not already!


Blooper Reel

I’ve decided to start posting pictures that didn’t make it into the posts through the week on Saturday to kind of wind the week down. I take between 40 to 100 photos every day I go out to make sure I get enough good ones for the post. There’s no way I can use all the photos, so I thought Saturday would be a good day to put a few of them up. Here’s some shots from this week that got left behind! (Thanks to csp for suggesting this!) Oh, and check back in the evening to catch a sneak peek at the cheeseburger starring in tomorrow’s Saturday Night Cheeseburger episode!

Hey look, someone reading a book in the subway, maybe there's hope for this world after all!

Then again, maybe not.

Abandon hope all ye who enter.

Okay, we're fucking doomed as doomed as doomed can be.

Wow, I just had a flashback to my old job...I wonder why?

Forget it, I never pay more than $5.99 for a Krazy Kid. These prices are...well...krazy!

Insert your own blue testicle joke here.

Wow, that is a cheap lunch price, but I don't think I could stomach all that cake for lunch!

You can't see it in this fuzzy subway picture, but a fly just flew into his mouth.

Lots of things going on in this window, but the rabbit sign made me think of a scene from "Roger & Me."

You make the call: Sign on a church or subliminal Viagra marketing?

Speaking of subliminal ads, here's one for the Monkees last film.

You’re not choo-choo train,
That was left out in the rain,
The day after Santa came.

Surprise link, click on it...I dare you!


Bonus CBBM Mutation Photo By Goggla!

Goggla found these two frightening Cardboard Box Men mutations on a shelf in a discount store in Astor Place. Now they're spreading to discount stores, could Wal-Mart be next? One can only hope!


Casual Free Food Friday

Redd's (Originally Headed For Full Circle Bar)

Okay, it’s time to wind the week down here at TWM and go out for the weekly Casual Free Food Friday trip of the week. While bopping around on Google, I found a bar in Brooklyn called the Full Circle Bar. On Thursdays they have free hot dogs and pretzels all night long. They also have free Skee-Ball on Thursdays, which I’ve heard of, but don’t really know much about it. Well, we’ll find out soon, it’s off to Brooklyn we go!

Okay, here we are at Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

And now, time to find Grand Street and the Full Circle Bar.

And with the guidance from my old school GPS guide, we should be there momentarily.

Okay, I'm officially lost. I've been walking around for about a half an hour and finally gave in and asked someone where Grand Street is. Supposedly if I take a right and then walk a few blocks we'll run into it. I hope so, I'm getting hungry and thirsty out here!

Yes! Here we are, Grand Street.

Holy son of a fuck! Who would put a black cat in a window? All of a sudden I feel hexed!


Okay, this is the end of Grand Street. There's a highway crossing here. The address for Full Circle Bar is 318 Grand Street...

And the last address here is 402 Grand Street. Motherfucker. I've been using Hop Stop for directions, and they've fucked me more than once, I need to start consulting with Katrink! Well, I've got three choices: Try to cross the highway on foot, get on a subway and probably get lost again or search for a bar in this neighborhood. Fuck it, there's bars all over, time to improvise!

And just a few blocks away I've stumbled onto this place, Redd's. Let's check out the sign.

Free popcorn! To quote the Talking Heads, "I guess this must be the place!"

Wow, nice bar and all seats are open! I like afternoon drinking!

And here's Sam the bartender with a bottle of Budweiser. Sam told me Redd's has been on the block since 2002. He also told me he's got a blog and you can check it out here: Cooler Talk. It hasn't been updated in a while, but Sam said he's going to try to get it going again soon.

And check it out, free self-serve popcorn!

A Bud and a bag of popcorn and a relaxing bar. You can't really ask for anything more. Let's take a look around Redd's.

There's a long communal table opposite the bar. I like the brick walls in here.

There's a pool table in the back room.

And they've got a great jukebox in here with various bands and artists such as: Blondie, Johnny Cash, The Ramones, Bob Dylan and John Lee Hooker.

And when I got back to the bar there were a couple of people there: Bridget and James. James is a native New Yorker and owns the building next to the bar and Bridget is visiting from Nashville, Tenessee. Nice people!

Okay, after a couple hours, multiple beers and bags of popcorn, I was ready to call it a night and Sam poured us a couple shots for the road.


And as I hit the streets of Williamsburg, night has fallen. Have I ever mentioned that I love it when that happens? See you all tomorrow!

Redd's Tavern
511 Grand St. (Near Union Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY

Further Reading: New York Magazine, Free Williamsburg and Time Out New York-#9.

Ooh, don't you wanna break her?
Ooh, don't you wanna take her home?

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