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Thanksgiving In Peoria

I haven’t had a Thanksgiving dinner with my family for 19 years. I always came home at Christmas, so I didn’t come back for Thanksgiving. But this year I’m back and my sister had dinner. I brought cheese, crackers and salami. I didn’t want to bug my family and take photos all night, but here’s a few I snuck in during the festivities.

Before we went to my sister's, we had drinks at the infamous, Jerry's Bar in my parents basement.

Here's my contribution, cheese, salami and crackers for an appetizer.

And here's my dad carving up the Thanksgiving bird. Gobble, gobble!

Judging from the look on my sister's face, I thought I better put the camera away before I got thrown out of the joint! From left, my parents, my brother-in-law Phil, my brother Tom, my nephew Greg and my sister Terry who did a great job of cooking a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner! I hope you all had a great hollerday!

And don't forget, December 10th is the date of the new Peoria blog. Be there or be L7!

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Are you going on Thanksgiving Day,
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Bonus Photo From Ragin' RR!

Ragin' RR used to be a frequent commenter at all three of my blogs, but computer problems have silenced him. We do keep in touch via email and he recently sent me this photo of an old Circus magazine cover. I used to read Circus, but don't remember this one. Sadly, not all of these people made it through the '70's. Cheers to Ragin' RR and to all of you, have a great week!