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O'Connor's Bar

I’ve had two suggestions to go to O’Connor’s bar in Brooklyn in the last week. One was from onemorefoldedsunset and the other was from my former co-pilot from 365 Bars, Al Rizo, who is an expert at New York taverns. To prove I take suggestions and because I’ve wanted to check this classic Brooklyn dive bar for quite some time, we’re off to O’Connor’s! Never let it be said I don’t take requests!

And it's down into the subway we go to begin our journey to Brooklyn.

We're taking the Q train, which you always have to wait forever for it to arrive.

I'm always paranoid about someone pushing me on to the tracks down in the subway and always have a hand on a pole. It always amazes me to see someone standing so close to the tracks, texting away with earplugs in her ears  and oblivious to everything that's going on around her.

And five minutes later, she still can't stop texting.

I'm so tempted to push her on to the tracks myself!

Finally the train arrives!

And she's still texting!

I should've pushed her on to the tracks when I had a chance!

Okay, through the miracle of the internet, we're here in Brooklyn and I'm done obsessing over the woman who couldn't stop texting. I still wish I'd have thrown her on the tracks though!

And here we are at O'Connor's. There's no sign and I walked by it once without realizing this was the bar. Let's check it out.

This is about as old school as it gets! It's one of those bars that feels like night time, even when it's the afternoon. Let's grab a stool at the bar.

Here's Chris the friendly bartender serving up a bottle of Budweiser. Chris told me that O'Connor's has been on this block since 1930.

As you can see, it's a well-stocked bar.

Here's the front window from my point of view at the bar. I can't wait for the sun to go down!

There's rugged and well-worn booths opposite the bar.

Lights built into ceiling fans hang overhead and illuminate the bar.

Love that vintage cash register behind the bar.

A longshot of the wooden bar, if only it could talk!

They have a great selection of tunes on the jukebox ranging from Devo to Syd Barrett to Patsy Cline to the Sex Pistols and everyone in between.

The New York Press voted them Best Brooklyn Bar back in 1996.

And they were featured in a "Best of New York" in New York magazine as well.

A Smithwick mirror hangs in the back of the bar.

And when I got back to my seat, Eric had arrived at the bar. Cheers! One More Folded Sunset was also there, but she's a little camera shy and opted to stay out of the photo.

And after several beers, night time has fallen on Brooklyn.

Time to head back to Manhattan. If I see that texting woman down there, she's going down on the tracks!

39 Fifth Ave. (Near Bergen St.)

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