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Motor City Bar

There’s a bar in the Lower East Side that I used to go to a lot called, Motor City Bar. I haven’t been there in quite a while and after seeing that Roger & Me screening on Tuesday, I thought this would be an appropriate week to go and check it out for this week’s happy hour.

Here comes the F train...

And baboom, here we are. There's no sign outside, you just have to know where to go.

Although the door handles do give you a little bit of a clue as to where you are.

And here we are. This place gets packed at night, but it's still the afternoon, so there's plenty of seats to be had.

The bartender was a little shy and didn't want her photo taken, so Lee jumped off his bar stool so I could get a people shot. Lee's a real character and a nice guy. He's a regular at Motor City and has lived in the East Village for over thirty years. Okay, let's take a tour of the bar.

Here's some lit up bottles behind the bar with an "M" made out of wrenches hovering overhead.

Check out the tire table!

An entire wall is covered with this cool black and white painting of a car in action.

Beneath it are actual car seats to put you in a real Motor City mood.

Bare bulbs hang over the bar and illuminate it.

I love the lit up Ford sign on the brick wall in the back room. This has been hanging there since they opened Motor City back in 1996.

And it wouldn't be a true Motor City bar without a giant license plate from the original Motor City: Detroit, Michigan.

This sign made me think of my Canadian friend, Lex. Hi Lex! She may be making an appearance here in June. Stay tuned!

There's a red leather banquette to lounge on in the back room.

And there's a pinball machine back here too.

Here's a painting of a woman racer on the wall, go speed racer, go!

And now the party can really begin, The Duncester and Shawn have shown up. Check out the  mug shot Steve McQueen shirt on Duncester. "Legends Never Die," too cool!

esquared joined us as well, but rather than being in the photo, he took this behind the scenes picture of me shooting the above photo. I'm dizzy after typing that!

He also got a shot of this woman practicing a David Lee Roth move. Nice shot, esquared, thanks for sending it along for this post!

And after several rounds and fun conversation, it's out the door to head on home. Thanks to esquared, The Duncester and Shawn for coming to this week's happy hour!

Motor City Bar
127 Ludlow St. (Between Rivington and Delancey)
Happy Hour Specials: Two for one well drinks and beers from 4PM to 7PM

Further Reading: New York Magazine, Village Voice and Time Out New York.

Philadelphia, PA,
Baltimore in DC now,
Don't forget The Motor City.

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Bonus Comic Book Cover Sent In By Jaws!

Jaws the Cabbie sent in this comic book cover to illustrate his comment. Thanks, Jaws!