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Economy Candy

This Sunday is Easter Sunday and that always makes me think of one thing: The Mars Bar! Sadly, it’s not there anymore, but I’m meeting friends at an alternate bar and you can read all about that next Monday. In the meantime, the other thing Easter always makes me think of is candy. I thought I’d get some to take to the Easter party. I’ve always wanted to check out, Economy Candy store in the East Village. I’ve heard it’s a classic old time candy store and its been in business since 1937, so let’s go. I want candy!

Here it is, Economy Candy. Check out the colorful front windows.

It's a collage of colorful candy boxes!

The store's open, let's go inside and check it out.

It's a long narrow store packed with candy-loving people.

This is the original scale from when they first opened.

Beneath the scale is scoopable candy that brings back memories of penny candy stores.

How great to see candy cigarettes! I thought they stopped making them in this politically correct world, but in Economy Candy, it's like a trip back to a sweeter time.

Here's a bucket of colorful swirly pops.

With Easter less than a week away, I knew I'd see some Peeps in here and here's a pile of the spongy bunnies.

And here's some Peeps with chocolate on the bottom. For some reason that makes me think of yesterday's post, but that's just me, my mind tends to wander. Let's just move on.

A shot from the back of the store.

Some signature chocolate lollipops on display.

There's jars and bags behind the counter with more candy than the mind can comprehend.

Delicious hand-dipped chocolates can be bought by the pound here at this glass counter.

In addition to candy, they also sell vintage toys, gumball machines and other tchotchkes.

A Sock Monkey lunch box is neighbors with Batman on a shelf in the store.

Here's a display of specialty Pez dispensers.

Stars, they eat candy too! Here's a photo of Mike Myers on the wall with owner Jerry Cohen.

And here's Jude Law with Jerry the owner. From the look on Jude's face, it looks like he's sucking on a sour ball.

And here's a fellow who looks familiar after looking at those pictures...

It's the owner, Jerry Cohen. Here he poses by a black and white photo of him and his father who started the store in the East Village back in 1937. I asked Jerry when he started working in the store and he told me, "When I was born."

Walking around in the store is like a time warp and makes you feel like a kid again. Nice to know there's a sweet store in the East Village that will send you back to a time when candy would make everything better.

Economy Candy
108 Rivington St.

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Oh, Candy worked so hard,
At doin' what he thought was right,
It really, really doesn't mean a thing.

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