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H & H Bagel

On the everpopular "Festivus" episode it was revealed that Kramer worked at H & H Bagels and had been on strike for years. H & H Bagels was a real place and a legendary bagel spot on the Upper West Side. Sadly, after 39 years at the corner of 80th and Broadway, H & H declared bankruptcy and closed last year. The neighborhood was heartbroken. I used to be a regular at H & H when I lived in the neighborhood and I'm curious to see what moved in there. If it's a Starbucks, I'll be tempted to firebomb it. Let's go take a look.

Nothing's moved in here. Kind of appropriate for the Seinfeld day. Well, I guess it's better than a Starbuck's or a Subway Sandwich vomitorium. There's paper on the walls and boards above the door, but the door is open a crack. Let's go take a look.

Wow, it's all torn up.

That's where the bagel counter used to be. A sad sight. Below is a video on the closing of H & H. I promise the next post won't be as depressing!