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Peking Duck House

I have an early morning appointment tomorrow, so I’m going to go out early for a Sunday dinner and then come home and guzzle beer till I pass out go to bed early. I rarely eat duck, but I’ve been craving it lately and there’s a place in Chinatown I’ve always wanted to try called, The Peking Duck House. As you can see from their name, Peking Duck is their speciality, so let’s go check it out.

And here we are at the Canal Street station. Up above is Chinatown, let's go get Sunday Night dinner!

And here we are, now we just need to find Mott Street, I think it's straight down Canal.

Okay, we're almost there!

And baboom, here we are at the Peking Duck House!

Let's go in, I hope there's not a long line.

Holy freakin' moley, it's packed in here!

Here's the front half of the restaurant, no seats here.

And the back half is full too, I gave my name to the host about five minutes ago. Hopefully this won't turn into a Seinfled episode!

We're in luck, the guy just told me there's a table downstairs. I didn't even know there was a downstairs, but here we go!

And here's my table, very nice!

And here's Lin with a bottle of Tsingtao beer. Now the evening has officially started!

Right now the table is an empty pallete, but I've placed my order and it won't be long.

And here's my neighbors from the table next to me, the Bass family. They were wondering if I was a food critic, so I told them about my blog. Maybe they're looking at themselves right now!

I ordered the hot and sour soup to start with. Look at how big the portion is! This could be my whole meal!

It was great, but I can't eat all of it, or I'll never have room for the duck.

And here's the main course, the chef slices it up for you at the carving table.

He's quick with the knife, in a couple of minutes...

It's plated and ready to eat! It looks great!

It's served with a caldron of fresh, hot, pancakes.

Here's some of the duck on the pancake topped with scallions and brown hoisin sauce.

Delicious! I came to the right place to get my Peking Duck fix!

All done, I couldn't eat all of it, but I made a pretty good dent in it.

And my fortune reads: "May you have great luck." Sounds good to me!

Well, the fortune cookie lied. The train has been stalled here near Prince Street for close to twenty minutes now.

But it does give me time to admire the shine on my shoes. Well worth the five bucks! See you all tomorrow!

My Meal
The signature dish at Peking Duck House is of course, Peking Duck and it’s what most people come here for. The dinner is served with the duck sliced on a platter and the meat is tender and juicy with crackling, crisp skin. It’s served with hot, soft pancakes, scallions and brown hoisin sauce. The presentation is elegant and delicious. You can get a single order or there’s group dining deals for Peking Duck dinners for between two to eight people.

There’s lots of other entrees, specialties and house specials on the menu, but hey, you’re at the Peking Duck House, get the duck already! In some online reviews it says this place is a BYOB restaurant, but they now serve beer and wine.

Peking Duck House
28 Mott St. (Near Mosco St.)

Further Reading: Eater NY, New York Magazine and Honest Cooking.

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Cup & Saucer

I first heard about this old school diner/luncheonette called, “Cup & Saucer” over at the blog One More Folded Sunset, and I keep meaning to go, because who knows how long it will survive. Hopefully it will be there forever, but you never know in this day and age when it might morph into something horrible, like a Subway “sandwich” shop. Today, I thought I’d go to Canal Street and take some photos as I wander down towards the Cup & Saucer and then get something to eat at that vintage luncheonette. So here we go!

Okay, as Danny the Freelancer pointed out in last Sunday's post, I hit the Powerball on my ticket, so I thought I'd cash it in before we go. It's worth four bucks.

But instead of cash, I rolled it over into four numbers for tonight's Mega-Millions from my Lottery-selling friend down the street. It's up to 51 million bucks, I'll check it later today, tomorrow's post could be pretty wild if the numbers come in!

A couple were in Union Square offering up free hugs...

So I hugged it out, bitches! Free Lotto tickets and hugs, so far everything's going my way today!

Okay, it was an uneventful subway ride and here we are at Canal Street.

Canal Street is crowded as we make our way to Cup & Saucer.

I love the Chinese neon in Chinatown.

Aaaahhh! There's no escape!

Someone alert RuPaul, it's the Year of Drag!

And here we are at the Cup & Saucer. It doesn't get much more old-school than this!

What a great sign! It practically screams out: "Fuck you, Subway!"

The luncheonette is a narrow, shotgun space with a counter and stools on one side...

With small seating areas looking out at the street on the opposite side. Nice and cozy in here.

The menus hang overhead, behind the counter.

Here's John, who runs the show in here. A nice and hardworking fellow.

And here's a couple of the guys assembling and cooking food. Opera snippets are being sung by the closest fellow and it gives the place a festive feeling.

This gentlemen was busy too, but paused to give a smile to the TWM (thanks DD!) camera!

Okay, I'm starvin' like Marvin over here, time to check the menu!

I was tempted to get the pancakes or French toast...

But I try to eat pretty healthy through the week to make up for all the junk I throw down over the weekend! I got coleslaw and a chicken Caesar wrap with a pickle. It was delicious! And nutritious!

Hey...wait a second...are you seeing what I'm seeing? A CBBM mutation has invaded this blog now! There's no escape! Aaahhhh!

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Bonus Photo From Danny the Freelancer!

Danny the Freelancer sent in the photo below, which to me looks like either a really tiny man with a guitar  or a giganzo guitar with a man. Here's what Danny said in his email: "I took this, this past summer on 41st and 7th Ave. The biggest Flying V I have ever seen and it sounded great!" Thanks for the photo, Danny, very cool!