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Saturday Night Cheeseburger

Live, from New York, it’s Saturday Night Cheeseburger! Starring the Old Homestead Steakhouse and featuring the Ready for Prime Beef Player, Marty Wombacher! And now, please welcome our host, the Old Homestead Steakhouse!

Okay, as you see it's still light out and that's because we're headed out early. While bopping around the internet I found the following lunch special at The Old Homestead Steakhouse, check it out below.

All that for 22 bucks? It looks too good to be true, but it's only available from 1 PM to 4 PM, so today's Saturday Night Cheeseburger is actually happening in the afternoon. I went to the Old Homestead Steakhouse for the 365 bar crawl, I wonder if I'll see any familiar faces. It's only about five blocks away, so we'll see soon.

And here we are. The Old Homestead Steakhouse is a classic place, it's been on the block since 1868.

And check it out, "The Triumvirate of Beer Royalty," sounds good to me!

And so it's through the gold-leafed doors we go.

There's a small dining area overlooking the street in the front room as you enter.

And then there's the bar area, hey, I think I see a familiar face!

It's Robinson, the bartender who I met on my trip from the 365 bars dinner. He remembered me and said he had followed along on the bar trek. It was nice to catch up with him.

And Robert came up to say hello, he remembered me as well. This was a real reunion at the Old Homestead!

Looking up, I realized they had tin ceiling, I don't think I noticed that when I was here before. This is really a classic place.

Here's the long and somewhat narrow dining room. The fact that it's this crowded at three in the afternoon is a testament to how great the food and atmosphere is here.

Here's a shot of the other end of the highly polished wooden bar.

And as I return to my seat, the table is set. Saturday Night Cheeseburger is about to begin!

And here's the first course, a Caesar salad. Lots of grated cheese and crisp lettuce, a perfect starter.

And here's the main course, three mini burgers, with different toppings on assorted fresh rolls. They look fantastic!

Delicious and the roll is bakery fresh.

The Tater Tots are homemade and really crispy. I used them as a Palate cleanser between burgers.

Wow, that was a perfect meal. I'm full, but not stuffed and the burgers were top-notch. And the whole thing was just 22 bucks, best deal in the city.

Okay, one last look at the cow and we're off. Moo York, Moo York. See you tomorrow!

My Meal
I found the “Burger Diamonds” lunch special on the Old Homestead Steakhouse and it looked like a great deal for 22 bucks and it did not disappoint. What the special offers is three mini burgers: one made of Kobe beef, another chopped filet mignon and the last but not least chopped sirloin, they all have different toppings and you also get a Caeser salad and an order of Tater Tots, plus your choice of a beer or a glass of wine. So I ordered it an first up was the Caeser salad and it was crispy with fresh grated parmesan cheese and just the right amount of freshly made dressing. Then came the main course. The burgers were more like meatballs  and each one had its own unique taste and toppings. And the Tater Tots were really crispy and served as a good Palate cleanser between burgers.

The Old Homestead Steakhouse has been in this location for over a century and is a legendary and classic New York spot. In addition to 11 different cuts of steak, Old Homestead also offers: The Empire Cut of Prime Rib on the Bone; Colorado Rack of Lamb; Chilean Sea Bass and four styles of burgers. There’s also a raw bar and a large selection of appetizers including: Truffle Mac and Cheese; Crispy Kobe Bacon; Truffle Buttered Baked Potato and Oscar’s Buttermilk Onion Rings.

Cheeseburger Rating
Four Wimpy’s, great cheeseburgers and a great deal!

Old Homestead Steakhouse
56 Ninth Ave. (Near 15th St.)

Further Reading: Time Out New York, TV Food Maps and Shecky’s.

Polk salad Annie polk salad Annie,
Everybody said it was a shame,
Cause her mama was working on the chain-gang.
(A mean, vicious woman.)

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Bonus Photo by Gene Rubbico!

The BBC were out in full force last night in Baltimore. Gene took this shot of Terry outside of the bar. I love that the sign just says, "Bar." Perfect! Great shot, Gene, thanks for sending it in!


Saturday Night Cheeseburger

Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Cheeseburger! Starring Donovan’s Pub and featuring the Ready for Prime Beef Player, Marty Wombacher. And now, please welcome your host, all the way from Woodside, NY...Donovan’s Pub!

I've decided with this blog and since I've got some more time on my hands since I'm not working at the moment, that I'd start venturing out of my Manhattan comfort zone more often and check out things in the outer boroughs. So today we're going to a classic bar in Queens, which has been around since 1966 and the name of the place is Donovan's Pub. They're supposed to have one of the best cheeseburgers in the Tri-State area, so I have to try it. But before we begin the journey, I need to stop in here.

The Powerball is over 300 million bucks, so I needed to play a few numbers. If one of these cashes in, we'll really be tripping here!

Okay, we're Queens-bound and it's down into the subway we go!

Here's my GPS guide to get us there. Do you think that maybe I need to upgrade it?

And through the magic of the internet, you missed out on waiting over a half an hour for the F train, then having to transfer to the 7 train and getting on the wrong train heading in the opposite direction, getting out, getting on another 7 train that got delayed during service for twenty minutes and over an hour and a half later, here we are in Queens. I may never leave Manhattan again. I hope this cheeseburger is worth the rotten trip I took to get here.

Okay, things are looking better. Here's Donovan's Pub and it looks like a great old school bar.

We'll see if that sign lives up to its boast!

It's a great looking bar. Nice and dark, lots of wood and plenty of seats at the bar. Let's settle in!

And here's bartender Jess. A great bartender and a friendly fellow! Jess has been bartending here since Donovan's opened in 1966! He's served politicians from Mayor Koch, to Gary Hart, to Mayor Bloomturd Bloomberg. He told me the most infamous former regular was Bernie Goetz, the man who became known as the "Subway Vigilante" in 1984.

Pat and Danny were seated at the end of the bar. Friendly guys and regulars who welcome newbies like myself at the bar as if you had been coming here your whole life. It's a real friendly neighborhood atmosphere in here.

A shot of the long wooden bar from the back end. Note the colorful stained glass window at the front.

Candle-lit dining tables line the wall opposite the bar.

Here's the dining area in the back of the bar.

It's a comfortable atmosphere in here complete with a working fireplace. Fire!

Oh, deer!

And behind these doors...

Is yet another dining area. Jess said they open this up if it gets crowded and you can also rent it out for private parties. I love the bookcases in here!

And when I return to the bar, a place setting has been put down. Looks like we'll find out if they live up to their boast soon!

And here we go! The burger is huge and so are the steak fries that come with it.

Okay, I've assembled the burger and now it's time to try and take a bite out of this monster!

It's juicy, filled with flavor, the bacon is crispy and delicious and the bun is bakery fresh. Definitely one of the best burgers I've ever had and it was well worth the trip. Not only for the cheeseburger but to experience Donovan's Pub, a true old-school joint.

Okay, the plate is clean and yeah, I eat ketchup but I don't like tomatoes, so sue me!

And it's out the stained glass wooden doors we go...

As the sun sets on Queens.

And by the time I get back to Manhattan, night has fallen. Goodnight everybody, thanks for tripping out with me and we'll see you tomorrow.

My Meal
I had the bacon cheeseburger and it was one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. It was a half pound burger with American cheese and a generous amount of bacon on a toasted bun. And the bun was bakery fresh and delicious. The sign outside of the pub reads, "#1 Rated Hamburger in New York" and they certainly live up to it.

Donovan’s Pub has been on the block since 1966 and it’s a classic Woodside joint in Queens, New York.
In addition to the bacon cheeseburger, Donovan’s menu also features: Shepherd's Pie, Crab Cakes, Chicken Pot Pie and a Hot Open Turkey Breast served over homemade stuffing with gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day. You can eat at the front bar or at one of the dining rooms in the back. Some things in Queens have changed, luckily Donovan’s remains the same.

Cheeseburger Rating:
Four Wimpy's, one of the best in all the boroughs!

Donovan's Pub
57-24 Roosevelt Ave.
Woodside, NY

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Then the liquid passing all into all,
Love is hot truth is molten.

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Bonus Gumby Video!

TWM reader Matt sent in this video he shot of he and his roomate, Brandon, decked out in a Gumby outfit on a subway ride bound for Times Square. Check it out, it's a classic! Thanks for sending it in, Matt!


Cheeboigah, Cheeboigah!

Here's just one of the burger's from Cheeseburger Saturday Night, there were others as I have special guests on this edition. The whole post will be up sometime tomorrow, probably before or close to noon, see you then!


Bonus Photo From DJ Gidget!

DJ Gidget sent in this scary Cardboard Box Man mutation photo from her backyard. He's integrating with nature, enjoy your evening for we are all surely doomed! If we live to see next week, don't forget to check out "The Secret Weapon" on Woody Radio. "Boris" picks the tunes and DJ Gidget spins them!

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